Deepak Jain as a Front-end Developer

Hi friends,

I’m Deepak Jain, young and energetic entrepreneur, corporate trainer, and a passionate front-end developer, having mix of entrepreneurial and technological mindset who joined the IT industry few years back after completing his graduation in Computers. Since my college time, I was always eager for coding and doing something new and unique. Even during my college time, my friends and college faculties (teachers) used to say that you’re damn good in programming and you should go for engineering lekin engineering samajh me kisko aani hain. Mujhse toh bss programming aur coding karwa lo, that’s it. But, apart all, I was always eager for learning and experimenting database, computer architecture, algorithms, operating system, programming (always running and debugging codes on my mind as a nightmare). But after graduation completed, I started hunting for job and worked for MNC and startup organizations for almost more than 3.5 years. I was a good asset for them during the time-period I worked with them. So, during this time period, around after 1.5 years of job, I got a small website project to work from home through referral of my friend. Kehte hain naa agar aapke iraado mein dam hain toh kamyaabi toh aapko milke hi rahegi. Aur bass kuch aisa hi huya. Sayad aaj mera itna naam, itni pehchaan nahi hain lekin aaj mujhe pta hain mujhe kya karna hain, mujhe pta hain main kya achche se kar sakta hoon, mujhe pta hain aisa kya hain jisse duniya mein meri ek alag pehchaan banegi. So, my eagerness and ambitions got wings. I started looking for new projects, new clients, new tie-ups and then I went as a full-time freelancer. I don’t like to work within a box. So, I left my job, I left my fixed monthly salaried job and opted this path as my career to work on my own terms n conditions where I have flexibility to work, flexibility of work, flexibility of type of project, where I have more room to explore and groom myself. Then one day, I planned to open an office to work from. And, sudden my friend call me to join his company as General Manager to run it on my own conditions. And again, my vision enhanced. I agreed and decided that now I’ll be a job creator to serve students of my hometown and nearby areas. With this vision, I setup an office in Baraut, my hometown and after few months due to some restrictions and fallback I was facing, I registered my own separate IT company with a new brand name “ENVIRC Solutions Private Limited“. So, now I’m an Entrepreneur, a Corporate Trainer, and Front-end Developer trying to build best products and services for all my clients from India and overseas. Here, I found everything like an ocean and I have to run my ship in this highly competitive and fluctuating sea. Let’s see how things would go with time. I’ll be in touch with you all.

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