Deepak Jain as an Entrepreneur

Do you wanna know me? Are you interested in reading my entrepreneurial journey?

Well, it might be a long read but interesting. Let’s begin my story of turning from a regular employee to an entrepreneur.

I planned for my entrepreneurial journey during my school days but that time I was not sure, how will I carry on this path and don’t know when this time will come. Well, when I was in college and on job, I was always eager and active towards working on some projects of my own, something unique. But each time, I found that similar concept already do exist. I did not stop there and keep thinking on new concepts each day. At the same time, I was also working towards being a full-stack developer and learn many technologies and programming paradigm. My eagerness for learning more was increasing by each day and still I’m learning new technologies, no matter how much scope or work I do have for those.

Well, instead of writing it in a long paragraph way, I would appreciate to share like a good read for you with a better representation. And, yes I am working on this feature to be added on my website. For the mean time, I will suggest you to go through long paragraphs below:

An Interesting Story – Story behind my Career Journey

Lemme share a story with you. One day someone asked me that why I had chosen computers as my career option?

I said I haven’t chosen it but my parents and relative brother guided me to opt computers. So, I said I opt computers because of someone’s suggestion but accepted it as my career because of my passion and love towards it. Actually, during my school-time, I was interested in Journalism and Mass Communication not on a job but having my own TV channel. Sounds too ambitious naaa?? Yes. I was. Actually still I am. I don’t wanna stop at any point. Keep moving up in life is my choice and I really loved it.

Well, as I was the first child for my parents and my parents being not aware of corporate life and education path in mass comm and all, they suggested me to find a better way. However, they supported me to go for it but don’t wanna me take huge risk because none of us was having any idea of this sector. One day, one of my neighbor sister came to us; I call her “Gudiya Didi”. She was like a family for us and even she was more than a real sister for me. However, with time things gets changed but still I respect her and misses that time a lot. Anyways, one day she came to us and my mother discussed my dream with her. She said “Aunty let him do whatever he want otherwise later he’ll blame you only. There is no good career in this line…n bla blaa blaa…”.

After hearing all these, my parents feared and thought my line isn’t a good one and then discussed about my career with another bhaiya (brother); I can’t explain in words how much he is important in my life. Since, he was working in IT industry with American Express so suggested them to go for software industry only. And, then helped me to appear for entrance exams and all; the process towards my passion began. Since, we all was unaware of this industry as well so during my 11th class, he sold his old computer with Pentium III with few new parts to us and my journey towards this continued.